Contact Details

Tel: +27 (0)21 788 8249 (Elaine or Pete Woodbridge)
Cell: +27 (0)72 698 8214
Email: info@woomen.co.za
Website: www.woomen.co.za; http://woomen.wordpress.com

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Creative background

On the creative side, Elaine is self taught but has inherited a long family tradition of hand sewing and crafts. She is also interested in fine art sculpture and works in cast glass. Elaine has a Masters degree in education and many years working in computing and communications. Recently she completed the Business Acumen for Artists Program at GSB. Elaine is also a member of CCDI and regularly attends workshops to develop her artistic, business and marketing skills. Pete has been a full time comic illustrator for a long, long time. Originally he attended advertising school. Pete learns by continually illustrating people, for example on the train on his way to work. He is also a practiced caricature artist, painter and is a talented musician. In all of these he is also self taught.


Inspired by

We are inspired by the lifestyle, natural features and people of Cape Town. In creating our Woo-men characters we drew on our comic imaginations and added them to our observations of people we meet in our wonderful city. On a personal level we are inspired by the sea, ordinary everyday things, old things, silly things and laughter, other creative people, comics and comic things, picture books and art exhibitions.


Greatest achievements

Pete is one of the head illustrators at SupaStrika. He has also produced his own music CD. Elaineís greatest achievement was giving up her day job and starting Woo-men which went on to win Best New Product in the Hand Made Collection at Decorex 2008. Woo-men has been selected for assistance from SEDA, CCDI and DTI.


Future plans

Woo-men plans to maintain its excellent product quality and to slowly expand while sticking to our original values. We are also slowly growing into the export market and dream of taking Woo-men to Comicon one day. We will keep innovating and will come up with new ranges in time.


Buy work here

Africa Nova
Kalk Bay Modern
Cupcake or
Directly from us


Reasons to love Cape Town

I can get everything I need here
Interesting stuff happens all the time
You donít have to grow up in Cape Town
It keeps getting nicer
Nature is on your doorstep
Cool waves and tidal pools


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